ALPHACLEAN™ High Capacity
Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

ALPHACLEAN™ Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Taking Ultra Hand Protection to a Whole New Level

Most commercial sanitizing wall mounts are often empty. In recognizing this issue, AlphaClean International and its manufacturing partners have developed a solution to this problem with two new Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Systems.

ALPHACLEAN Hydrating Hand Sanitizer ™
Extended Storage Capacity

ALPHACLEAN Hydrating Hand Sanitizer™ high-capacity dispensers deliver thousands of applications so you never run out. Choose the size that works best for your high-traffic areas.

20 litre ALPHACLEAN Hydrating Hand Sanitizer™ Dispenser

ALPHACLEAN Hydrating Hand Sanitizer™ dispensers hold 20 Litres of ALPHACLEAN Hydrating Hand Sanitizer™ to extend hand sanitizer supply and reduce manpower for change-outs. 

• Over 23,000 doses per 20 litre refill.

• Safe, hands-free dispensing promotes better hygiene. 

• Plug in dispenser eliminates on going battery cost versus other traditional touch free hand sanitizer dispensers.

• Environmentally responsible design delivers every drop of hand sanitizer and creates no packaging waste.

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